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Manual / Help - Not yet operational

In order to keep our manual as updated as possible (and also to keep prices down), our manual consists of collection of audio files. Click on the links below to play the file (with a screen shot) or to open the underlying web page.

A quick
 What's new in version 1.31
Minimum required
 Installing the software for the first time
 From the internet
 From a file
 From a CD
 On a network
 At not the default location
 Updating the software
 How to change a demo version into a registered version
 De-installation (removing the software from your PC)
 Files used by the software and their functions
Running the software for the first time
 How do I start it?
 What is the password?
 How do I go from production mode into edit mode?
 A lot functionality seems to be hidden. Where can I find it?
Which modules are available
 Labelling (required)
 Ingredients calculation
 Recipe manipulation
 Price calculation
Can I first try the software?
Where to buy a registered version / Support
 Via the internet (only support via this manual and our general on-line service!)
 Via a reseller (many support options)
 Help I lost my licence
 Originally bought via the website
 Originally bought via a reseller
The underlying philosophy
 How the bakery reality and the software relate to each other
 Ingredient calculations
 Price calculations
 Problems caused by third parties and how we can help
 Raw materials (note: this is NOT legally binding advice but merely our opinion)
 European law (note: this is NOT legally binding advice but merely our opinion)
 Local law (note: this is NOT legally binding advice but merely our opinion)
 What's the point of the labelling laws
Making back-ups
 What we advice
 At start up
Preparing for serious use
 Where to start
 Free programs from us for obtaining raw materials data from your suppliers
 Entering the bakery recipes into the software
 Finding and correcting errors (including which errors the software will not detect)
 Deciding the final text on the label
 Where to find a copy of the European law in a readable form (note: this is NOT legally binding advice but merely our opinion)
Important functionality
 Printing and designing labels
 Using recipes in the bakery
 Calculating ingredient declarations
 Calculating prices
Bar-codes, PLU codes and button numbers on the cash register explained
Quick key codes
 Save ([ALT] s)
 Change language (only for developers & translators)
Special functionality for
 Users with NEC cash registers (bought in combination with our software)
 Users with DIGI equipment (bought in combination with our software)
What to do when the software seems to malfunction
Giving us feedback
 Suggestions for new functionality
 Suggestions for better texts in the software
 Complaints about one of our resellers
 Complaints about the software
Future plans
Asking questions that are not in the manual
About us
 Our philosophy
 Our strategy
 Contacting us
How to become a reseller of our software
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